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Andrew Beasley

@Thaddeus – I remember a very strange book for RPGs like that – you had to use water magic, fire magic and air magic to create a steaming jet of water spell.  I think it was (Amazon link – not affiliate) Authentic Thaumaturgy  by Bonewits but it was many many years ago…  Similar in principal to the (Amazon link – not affiliate) Lyndon Hardy Magic by the Numbers series but this fantasy series is much much much better – recommend it if you’ve not read them.

– Good point, some of the scenarios do need fixed terrain.  I could limit the ‘damage’ by making the spell effective for a couple oft runs only or have counter spells…

As for JN and MS – loved the T.V. series, borrowed the book from the library to be faced with an all-in-one version of the trilogy about 2 1/2 inches thick and its own bookmark – I only have till September to complete it as they have changed the on-line system to stop folk rebooking…

– Like the random draw – maybe different selections for different races (again though – adding more complexity)

As for my rules hunt – simple, it was in a folder called Warmaster