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General Slade

This is from 1805: Austerlitz by Robert Goetz:

Infantry of the Imperial Guard

1st Bde (Grenadiers a Pied) – GdB Pierre Auguste Hulin (Hulin was absent, commanding in Vienna, so I assume – but don’t know for sure – that command fell to Colonel-Major Jean Marie Pierre Francois Lepaige Dorsenne)

2nd Bde (Chasseurs a Pied) – GdB Jerome Soules

3rd Bde (Italian Guard) – GdB Teodoro Lecchi

Cavalry of the Imperial Guard

Gendarmerie d’Elite – detached to Brunn

1st Bde (Grenadiers a Cheval) GdB Michel Ordener

2nd Bde (Chasseurs a Cheval) Colonel-en-Second Francois Louis Morland

Artillery of the Imperial Guard

Commander Francois-Henri-Eugene Daugier

According to Hourtoulle (Austerlitz: The Empire at its Zenith) the Chief of Staff of the Guard was Roussel and Bessieres’s ADCs were Cesar de Laville de Villa-Stellone, Lebrun, D’oullembourg, Louis de Seganville, Leinsteinschneider, Desmichels, Lapeyriere and Barbanegre.

I hope that is some help.