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What is “SF3D” mean, please?

That would be the sci-fi setting/story/aesthetic created by genius model-maker Kow Yokoyama in the 1980s, now rapidly growing in renown and popularity in the West. It also goes by several other names, “Ma.K.” and “Maschinen Krieger” being common. Between the numerous names and the fact that the original Japanese material has only made it to the West through various imperfect, “unofficial” channels, it’s easy to get confused about. But the aesthetic is quite sublime. I’m not sure I agree this particular vehicle is very SF3D in style, but I’m ill-versed in the setting myself. A few of the other 15mm vehicles from Darkest Star (the ones in the Colony 15 range) strike me as extremely SF3D-inspired, though.


Okay, thanks.  Will try and look this up to understand better.