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Well I said I’d post some pictures didn’t I ?

She doesn’t fit in my lightbox so you’ll have to take the lighting for what it is.

Also, still no name but then I don’t have a sea to launch her in yet either so I’m not worried yet 

Ok enough jibber jabber on to the pictures

And with a full complement of Turanian marines on board

Yes a sniper in the crow’s nest

Once I settle on a name it will be painted on the banner which is removable, I’m also going to add another bracket to the top mast so I can add a national flagg that way I can use it for different nations/pirate groups ( We’ve captured the ship, HOIST OUR COLORS ! )


And now I can start planning the next ship…

…and a sea board, some islands, a harbour, sea creatures…    Oh look! a white rabbit…     … wait mr rabbit don’t go into the hole…

…wait for meeeeeeeeeeeee…..

If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0