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    Nathaniel Weber

    Pics below if you want to skip my blathering!

    I am re-doing my 6mm terrain to make it quicker to set up and break down and more game-friendly. To that end, I’m doing up fields with hedges and treelines already in place, and forests made of chunks of foliage rather than individual trees.

    Here is what I’ve accomplished so far. The fields are felt or fabric, with hedges/treelines made from flocked pipe cleaner and bits of foliage. I would use these in game as either bocage or regular fields.

    The forests are chunks of heavy green air conditioning filter (that kind that is a sheet of fibers, a little bit like horsehair, rather than the thin fiberglass filters), sprayed with adhesive and dunked in flock.

    I had thought of elevating these forests on toothpicks, so they look like trees when viewed from ground level, but I realized that I usually look down on the 6mm game rather than getting at figure-eye-level and therefore the trees look fine as-is.

    Lots more to do, with little bits of scatter terrain, villages from Paper Terrain, roads, telephone poles, streams, a better base mat, and more fields/woods. Thanks for looking!

    Les Hammond

    Do the brown pipecleaners mean they are dug in?

    Nice to see some old school back to basics terrain. A lot of games look like they are on model railways these days, not that I’m knocking them!

    6mm France 1940


    Angel Barracks

    But surely you micro-scale guys must put your head down to table level from time to time to appreciate “the coolness” of individual parts of the battlefield?

    More than playing, that and pick them up to hold them to eye level and soak up the small but perfectly formed glory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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