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    Following feedback from a series of recent posts I have done looking at the work completed on my collection of the new 1:700th ships from Warlord Games, I have put together a downloadable rigging guide.

    As well as the standing rigging I like to include running rigging to the models and hopefully this step by step tutorial will enable those that want to do the same thing to have a go.

    If that includes you, then you can find out more by following the link to JJ’s


    Jonathan (JJ)



    Duly downloaded. You’re certainly paying it forward with this one.

    Do you think the rigging of Anglo-Dutch war vessels would be very different from the later period?

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    Great, I hope it proves useful.

    There are some key differences with rigging earlier periods where you don’t have a spanker sail with boom and gaff on the mizzen mast, so I would start with having a look at what others have done. I would imagine the rest of the set up would be broadly similar.

    Rod Langton has some pictures of his Anglo-Dutch models on his site, which look like he’s using the set set up, but you could always drop him a line.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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