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    Jonathan Gingerich

    By happenstance I passed through Worcester twice this weekend…

    Anyway, I see Major Bloodnok over on TMP Napoleonics board is asking about the facings of the Yaroslavl Regt. And while my page has been cited, no one seems to have looked at how it answers his question. So if anyone is participating over there, you might gently (as I’m not sure it’s welcome information) point out that the Yaroslavl had turquoise pompons only through 1804. Then the Dniester Inspection changed facings from purple to d.green with red piping, and was reorganized so that the Yaroslavl would then have yellow pompons.

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    Will do.



    Jonathan Gingerich

    Calling Major Bloodnok again…

    I’m guessing that he is overlooking the fact that the Musketeers and Jaegers had two pompons on their shakos. One horizontal one centered at the top edge, and a second one, vertical, right above it on the top of the shako looking somewhat like a very short plume or tuft. They were identical. The grenadiers replaced this second pompon with the plume, but had the other pompon still affixed to the front of the shako.

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    If TMP is relevant please provide a link to the topic/thread.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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