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    Hi Tim:

    I heard on Wednesday that he had passed away. An old friend of mine from the reserves let me know. Well, at 95 years “The Rad” had a good run. He was a great Canadian hero who always gets a mention in my History classes. The Sherbrooke Fusiliers were a lucky lot to have him. A friend of mine and I toasted him on Thursday night with some good single malt. The next wargame I play, I will smoke off the enemy and winkle around the flanks in honour of this great tanker. I regularly play games set at Authie-Buron, Cintheaux and Verriers to mention but a few, all battlefields where he distinguished himself.

    You must be proud to have met him. Two old friends of mine, both reservists, had the good fortune to meet him and talk with him several times at mess dinners and it was clear from their recounts that Radley-Walters made a deep impression on both of them.

    God’s speed Radley-Walters and may you rest in peace.

    Rod Robertson

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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