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    Angel Barracks

    So here is the unofficial CROM! rules topic.

    Traps and Locks

    trap difficulty vs special check.

    Traps are designed to take out normal plebs so we need to consider what a normal person can get, a minion technically has no dice in special but I ignored that for my stealth rules so will ignore that here.

    They have 2 dice.
    So a typical roll using full perception mode would be 7.
    Let us assume as a sort of benchmark a trap that you or I would probably detect: a pit in the dark.

    We will assume we are looking for traps.
    We could be shuffling, we could feel a draught, we could be vaguely aware of a slightly darker patch ahead of us.

    So I would say a 7 or more is needed to spot a pit trap in the dark if we are being cautious, ie moving very very slowly, so slow as to not really count in game terms.
    If we are walking, then we have 1 die in move and 1 in special meaning we cannot avoid the pit trap if moving.
    This to me seems a good base.

    So basic pit trap 7+
    So how about pressure plate 10+ (very very hard for a regular to spot)
    Pressure and trip wire light beam (Indiana Jones style) 16+ (no way a normal pleb would know that is even a trap if they saw it)

    Lock picking, I can’t pick locks, I doubt any regular person can.
    Locks were possibly simpler in Conan’s times, but then so were people!

    I would give a basic lock a difficulty of 10+
    Hard lock 16+
    Master lock 21+  (6 dice on average needed)

    Now, Conan is not a technically adept sort, lithe, agile and what not yes, but not sure he is a lockpicker?
    I would be inclined to limit the amount of dice he can put into any special roll for locks and so on as half his dice pool.

    Sneaking Rules

    Allocate some dice to movement and special.
    Movement is the distance covered.
    The special total of the person sneaking is the target difficulty the watcher must roll equal to or over on their special roll to spot the sneaker.
    So let us say Erland is sneaking, he allocates 4 dice to movement, 6 to combat and 2 to special.
    He rolls 13 for movement and 6 for special.
    This means he moves 13 regardless, and will only be spotted if the watchers special roll is 6 or higher.

    Some Spells

    Slowness – needs LOS and the target loses one die from movement for every 6 points rolled by the sorcerer.

    Rejuvenation – needs LOS and restores one die to the die pool for every 12 points rolled by the sorcerer. (will not restore burnt dice used for 6’s)

    Conflagration – The ability to make an existing fire explode into a much bigger blaze. Fires cause one hit to everyone within 6cm for every 12 rolled.

    Sand storm – The ability to make the desert sand blow into the eyes of your enemies causing temporary blindness. The target loses two dice for every 12 rolled during the turn in which they are affected.

    Revised Summoning Rules

    Currently the summoned creature has a dice value.
    Let say 10.
    As it stands you only summon the creature when you have spent as many dice as your conversion rates allows to reach that 10.
    So say your conversion rate is 2:1 you will have to have spent 20 dice from your dice pool to summon a 10 dice monster.
    I am going to change this and assign summoned creatures a value and you have to reach this value in rolled dice.
    So in the case of the 10 dice monster you will have to have rolled 70 in total. (2d6 give an average of 7 and with it being a 10 dice monster that means having to have used 10 lots of 2d6).

    This makes the summoning of creatures random, before it was known exactly when the creature would be summoned based on how many turns it would take to save up.
    However by rolling it allows some uncertainty and also makes it a bit more interesting, more fun to roll dice than to count turns.

    This does also allow for luck, a well jammy wizard could have a 10 dice pool, decide to roll 9 dice and get all 6’s meaning it is almost summoned in one turn.
    This puts the pressure on!



    I just knew I had seen a bunch of house rules for CROM on one of the blogs I occasionally frequent.

    Found them today on Eli Arnt’s blog I see lead people.

    Here’s a link for those of you who may be interested link



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    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0



    I too have been thinking about skills. Maybe gain 1 XP per game and skills cost 3 or 4 XP.

    Gives you some incentive to keep playing.

    Not sure if maybe these are too powerful though?

    Like the foe cleaver which adds a  6 to each attack roll. Currently when attacking 4 people you could split the die pool as 3 dice on each.

    Foe cleaver effectively means you are rolling 4 dice on each which is 16 dice..

    Maybe they could be one use per game?



    Also thinking about Shields. Something like they add +1 or +2 to defence rolls vs missiles depending on the shield size.



    For those who missed the link throug on Eli’s blog I thought I’d post it here to. These are more house rules this time by Spacejacker link

    I like the pushback rules, could be fun onboard a ship.

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Angel Barracks

    So I have been pondering the skills and I think I don’t like them.
    They pretty much all add a constant bonus to his dice pool, but his dice pool of 12 already makes him much more deadly than a normal minion.
    In fact they make him equal to 6 normal men, which should be all that is needed.

    But I do like the idea of something else.
    I think I will try feats, and as noted above they can be bought with XP and used once per game.
    They will be similar to the skills.

    Things like:

    Disarm the enemy: they roll one less die for each attack they make.
    (A minion would roll only 1 die for example)

    You may add a d6 to one attack if you moved over 20cm this turn in a single go.

    May use up to 2 dice set aside for movement in melee.

    Recover 1 dice from your dice pool if you have not burnt any so far.

    You shout a war cry so terrible that a single opponent must lose 2 dice from their attack pool this turn.

    You may ignore any one instance of poisoning.

    You automatically pass any jumping or climbing test if you assign at least 2 dice to the task.

    You may add 2 dice to any attempt to ensorcell you.

    You may force an enemy to charge into combat with you if they can see you.


    I like the idea of feats as there are plenty of examples in D&D character generators .

    Gone Fishing

    You’re probably right not to up Conan’s dice pool beyond what it is. The feats are an excellent idea. I hope Matakishi is taking note!

    Angel Barracks

    I was thinking about traps yesterday…

    The above rules are that you must beat the difficulty with a special roll.
    But that assumes you know the trap is there and you allocate dice.
    In order to add more mystery I was thinking about random traps.
    That way rather than add some special dice in the turn you know your model will be next to a trap why not add the trap as a card in the CROM! deck.
    That way it will be random when it appears and you may have been rash and used your dice already that turn for something else?

    Not sure if it will work in practice, just had the thought when designing my CROM! cards.

    Angel Barracks

    I have added and amended my feats list, as today I need to choose one for Erland!

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