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    In what is by far the most complex and complete simulation of any aircraft in a publicly available simulator.

    The Phantastic Phantom!
    I finally got to do my test flight today.
    The “mission” was done just needed to exchange the horrible F4 AI model with the stunning HB F-4.

    P51 might be the Cadillac of the sky, but the F4 is the Cadillac of the taxiway. So smooth and stable.
    And I wish the F16 was as easy to take off and land in. We did a little canyon run. Avoided the Hoover dam. And then it came. My ground guy asked if I wanted bombs. I said yes. He asked how many. I said ALL OF THEM!

    24 Snake eyes was used on a test. I’m terrible at level bombing, but with 24 bombs I can still hit anything.

    Jester claimed my landing was a bit hard. But I say he has a Hank Hill ass.

    The Phantom is fantastic, with 24 bombs. Almost five and a half ton of bombs. I could set in the afterburner and I could shoot into the sky. Even without any external tanks, flying mostly low and quite a bit of afterburner playing i managed to stay in the air for 40 minutes and still have about 2500lb of fuel as I set down on Nellis.

    This is gonna be a fantastic module.

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