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    Alan Millicheap

    We had a go at Montebello 1859 using Bloody Big Battles – frustrating for both sides but fun



    So the frustration was not the rules but rather other factors?

    Alan Millicheap

    The rules are excellent

    It was frustrating because neither of us could barely roll above 6 on 2 dice. At the start of the game one of my Austrian Brigades decided to camp out on one of the two bridges across the otherwise impassable river and stayed there for the entire game

    In the real battle the French tore into the Austrians relentlessly and gave them a good kicking

    Chris Pringle

    Lovely looking game, Alan!

    There is a special pleasure to be had from commanding ponderous or inept armies like the 1859-vintage Austrians, or Crimean Russians, or 1870 French. Sometimes they’re so bad you just have to laugh. And occasionally you get that special reward when they surprise you by doing something in a swift, coordinated and competent manner.


    Bloody Big BATTLES!




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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