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    Avatar photoDon Glewwe

    This may have been seen by most/many already, but I didn’t see it here so thought it worth a thread…


    Just what every gamer needs: A new excuse to buy more toys…

    Avatar photoOh no….

    I hadn’t seen it before. A very interesting read. Thanks for posting the link.

    Avatar photoPatrice

    Fascinating! Never heard of it before.


    Avatar photoPiyan Glupak

    A very interesting read.  Thank you.

    One thing that I noticed is that although they do mention axes, they seem to put more emphasis on spears, swords and clubs.  Maybe worthwhile for people intending to wargame the Northern European Bronze Age to select their figures carefully, to avoid too high a proportion of axes.

    The two Northern European Bronze Age ranges that I am most aware of are the Foundry ones in 28mm, and the old Falcon ones in 15mm.  (I have a feeling that the Falcon ones can only be obtained from the USA now.)  I have a great sentimental affection for the Falcon ones, because they formed my first 15mm DBA army.  I do wish that I had got the mounted figures as well when they were still available in the UK, even though I would choose the option to field cavalry less often than have extra infantry.

    EDIT: MY Miniatures also do a range of Northern European Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age figures in 15mm

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Fascinating read – thank you for the link. One in the eye for the pacifist tendency in bronze age studies – poor old Francis Pryor.

    A shame really – it would have been nice to think that it was a peaceful period, but given human nature this always seemed a large slice of wishful thinking.

    Avatar photoThaddeus Blanchette

    What I find interesting is that this is going on in northern Europe and, one hundred years later, here come the Sea Peoples…. Something big was going down back then, it seems.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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