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    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Greetings, Warriors!
    “ONUS! Rome vs Carthage” brought the epic battles of the Punic Wars to your tabletop. The series expands with a new standalone installment and 6 factions to take you back to the greatest splendour of the Empire, the 1st and 2nd centuries AD and the battles that made Trajan legendary.

    We have reviewed the rulebook, added feedback from the community, adapted the units to the historical period and developed new scenarios and campaigns.
    Fight epic battles in this miniature game without miniatures, but with cards and great historical realism. ROMAN empire and 6 factions!


    • The Roman legions, unbeatable and their indispensable auxiliaries.
    • Celts with chariots, Pictish warriors and agile Briton horsemen.
    • Dacians from north of the Danube who invoke Zalmoxis as they rush into battle with their fearsome falx dacica.
    • The Germans, constant threat to the empire, hunters, mounted pikemen caninefates, harassers with framea and brutal sworn nobles.
    • Parthians, lords of the East and their countless hordes, with iron-armored cataphracts, elephants, and archers.
    • Sarmatians and Bastarnae, masters of the steppes, with their brave nobles, cataphracts, mounted archers and horsemen armed with the contus sarmaticus.
    • Onus! Traianus also includes mercenaries: Nabataeans, Jewish rebels, Berserkir, Palmyrene, Batavi warriors, Gaesatai, and many more, which will support the side that pays them the most.

    We have also redesigned Onus! to include all its expansions in a single box, with the new edition of the rulebook and solitaire mode.
    Coming soon on Kickstarter, with the Ides of March, sign up here to receive the notification.



    See you soon!

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    These days we have been sharing on our social media a countdown showing different units of ONUS! Traianus, which starts its crowdfunding campaign on March 15th.
    We want to compile these units, as well as the messages with which we have been presenting them, in this post, starting with the legendary Scáthach:

    Chariots: May the hand of our ancestors hold firm the reins of our chariots as we fight the enemy…
    Britannia’s noblemen: It is time for weapons to speak. Celtic swordsmen, charge!
    Celtic Swordmen: Raise your voices, rally your followers, we are going to war!
    Armed Peasants: The land on which we were born and which you cultivate will be stained red today with the blood of our enemies.
    Briton Readers: Hold your spear tightly, horsemen, it will soon be slippery with Roman blood.

    More news soon!

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    The countdown continues for the crowdfunding campaign on March 15 of ONUS! Traianus and we continue showing some of its units.

    Today we bring you a sample of the Dacian units, commanded by Decebalus:

    You know your enemies better than anyone else. You know what they will do to you if they capture you. Let’s fight!

    On this day, once again, you will lead your people to victory. You are the example to follow and the best of every Dacia house. Go get them!

    Dacia will remain free and you are her shield and her sword. For Dacia!

    Warriors! Let us remind the Romans why they fear our Falx. Today we will sleep to the echo of their cries.

    We will be like the lightning that strikes where no one expects. The spear that cleaves the Roman shield and scatters the legions. For Dacia!

    See you soon!

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    We have created this 3D image for the Kickstarter campaign, simulating a small battle with ONUS! Traianus.

    What do you think?

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    The launch date on Kickstarter of the crowdfunding campaign for ONUS! Traianus is getting closer: it will be March 15th.

    Meanwhile, we continue to show the units, in this case of the Germans in our countdown, led by Masios.

    “Leave the land of our ancestors, Roman, or face Masios and fear his wrath!”

    Germanic units on Kickstarter countdown for ONUS! Traianus


    Not my cup of tea, but definitely a handsome product.

    "Do you not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?"

    Axel Oxenstierna

    Avatar photoLogain

    Looks really nice, but the units having a tan-desert background and the play mat being green-grass is pretty jarring aesthetically, at least to me.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    We also have desert and snow mats. But where people tend to like it best is on the green mat (meadow), because it increases the contrast between the units and the background of the mat and it looks better. At least we like it better with that mat, but you can also use the desert one.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez


    There is only 1 week left to start the campaign on Kickstarter.
    I count on you to enter the first day to help us have visibility among so many active projects.
    We will give away a dice tower as an early bird, which we have designed and it looks fantastic 🙂


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    As the launch of ONUS! Trainaus on Kickstarter gets closer, we review some part-units, led by Osroes I:

    Parthians, the Romans have proved that they are weak so far from their mothers. Let us return their corpses to their widows!

    Crush the Romans, we will tear holes in their ranks and bring fear into their hearts.

    The Roman formation will open up like wheat before the reaper when we reach their ranks. Cathaphracts, get ready, let’s go to battle!

    May the gods guide your arrows, may your camels lead you to their rear. March!

    Your skill with the bow is well known, the speed of your horses will be the terror of the Romans.

    Spearmen, today your name will be remembered by the widows of the Romans who dare to defy you.

    See you soon!

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    On Tuesday 15-3 we launched the campaign on Kickstarter and got funded in 20 minutes. We are impressed with the result, 700 backers in the first 24 hours! Goals are being unlocked one after another, fourteen at the moment and there is still 1 more day to get the dice tower that we give away to backers as Early Bird.
    Moreover, we have planned to give two giveaways every week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, to all backers.
    We need your arm to wield the shield that completes the wall and your voice to help us share the project.
    You can support the project by helping us to spread the word on your social networks, in order to expand the reach of our publications.

    This is the link to the campaign

    Any help to make it known will be great for us:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DracoIdeasEN/status/1503763464791248896
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DracoIdeasEnglish/posts/5312586212085052
    BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/332070/onus-traianus

    We count on you!


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Ave, generals!

    The campaign continues at a good pace, so much so that we have had to group the first 20 unlocked goals on one page because we had exceeded the maximum that Kickstarter allows.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    New update!
    New gift, 42 Stretch Goals unlocked.


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Giveaway, solo play and unlocked social objectives

    It’s Tuesday and we have news and a giveaway for you. +45 Stretch Goals unlocked.


    Thanks to Nick from Talking Cardboard we have recorded an introduction to the solo game mode, here is the video:

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Today is Friday and, as always, we have a giveaway for you. But there are many other things we also want to tell you.
    Gaius Sueonius Paulinus is already preparing for battle, as Boudica approaches.
    Do you know who these two historical figures are?
    There are already more than 50 Stretch Goals unlocked in “ONUS! TRAIANUS”.


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Last hours & Giveaway!
    All 57 Stretch Goals are unlocked now as we enter the last hours of the campaign. Our backers are going to receive a ton of additional content, as well as exclusive content, such as today’s giveaway!



    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    This really does sound interesting and might be a good way to get friends that “only play boardgames” into tabletop.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    After the huge success of the funding campaign for ONUS! Traianus, we can only thank the 2206 backers who have supported us. THANK YOU!
    While we prepare the pledge manager, which will be launched in May or June, a last chance option or Late Pledge is already available for those who arrived late to the campaign.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Today we want to share with you the final draft of the rulebooks.


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    It’s August, but we’re still making progress on ONUS!
    In the last update, we show you the dice, the coasters, the insert, compendium…
    Do you have yours reserved?
    There’s still time to get a Late Pledge.



    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I missed the KS, but it looks like you are making great progress.  Good show!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Going like clockwork!
    The main news on this update is that we remain on schedule and manufacturing is going ahead at a good pace.
    We have received the quality sample, it is a box with all the final components, but blank. It is one of the steps in the manufacturing process, in order to validate them to the factory.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez


    We open ONUS!, which we will be receiving in January.

    We are now in the final stage of the project and, although everything has been on schedule, the manufacturing has been very complex and we have had to make several improvements, so it has been delayed. We expect to receive the games by the end of January and we will start shipping then.



    Avatar photoMike


    That dice tower is quite cool.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez


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