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    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Work is progressing nicely on the first supplement specific to Five Parsecs.
    There’ll be more detail on things like bounty hunting, mercenary work and whatnot. You will also get a bunch of random generators for fleshing out your campaign worlds a lot more. For those interested in the more RPG oriented side of things, you might enjoy this a lot.
    A sample world I just generated:

    A hot world (by Earth standards) with a normal breathable atmosphere. Despite that, there’s almost no naturally occurring biosphere. (meaning the gaming tables will be a lot of rocks 🙂 )

    The world has seen extensive terraforming (presumably dropping its temperature from an earlier more unlivable level. This might also explain the lack of life).

    A few small settlements exist. We’ll delve into one where the adventurers will be located.

    “Brynn’s Wish” – a small ex-colony turned general Fringe settlement.

    Using the “Settlement generator” tables we find that power is contested by a corporation, a powerful organized mercenary outfit and a charismatic leader and their followers.

    Presumably, the mercenaries were brought in to safeguard corporate interests but eventually became a political force in their own right. The charismatic leader may well be a revolutionary type, giving us some instant conflict.

    The social model is a regressive bureaucracy. At some point, this may have been a different governmental type but at this point, the layers of red tape has become impenetrable and no one wants to clear up the mess since the whole thing might fall down.
    The main export from the planet is knowledge. Presumably corporate research that is sold off to interested buyers.

    We generate two problems for the settlement, to give us some more adventure fodder. We get “loss of export resource”.
    How do you lose knowledge? If your scientists are being abducted by (or are defecting to) the rebels!
    A second roll gives us “local warlord”. Sounds like the mercenaries are getting a bit out of hand.

    With a few dice rolls, we have what looks like several campaigns worth of gun fights, exploration and insanity. Perfect for the fringes of human space.

    Supplement should be available in a few weeks time.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Looking forward to this. I may have to reread Larry Nivens Tales Of Known Space.

    Avatar photoQuaker

    Shut-up and take my money Useless trinket!


    I have some free time to start painting my models and terrain now, hopefully I will be ready by the time this drops.

    Avatar photoEarther

    Sounds great! You’re not making it easy Ivan…

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Sounds great! You’re not making it easy Ivan…

    To be fair, it kinda is my job to make it harder for you 🙂

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