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    Very tardy in mentioning this, but a WWII series starts in America tonight at 9PM EDT on PBS:

    I assume everyone else has already seen it.

    I also assume Sean Bean dies.

    Edit: I see I was misinformed. Oops.

    Talk about tardy.


    I’ve been watching it in the US on PBS and have enjoyed it.


    There are some good bits, but overall it is pretty dreadful with appalling plot holes and geographic impossibilities. I liked the Panzer III in early War markings.

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    I know it’s kind of a soap opera with Pz 3 and Stukas. I do like Sean  Bean as a shellshocked Great War survivor.

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    Hadn’t heard of this, but my wife has a serious soft spot for WW2 mellow-drama and this is right up her alley.

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    I missed it completely, until my brother informed me about it yesterday.

    I also missed his comment that it was episode 6. No wonder I had no idea what was going on. . .


    I don’t have cable/sat so I watch a lot of PBS and knew about this show in advance.

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    I have enjoyed it. It is definitely a melodrama, and has the heavy doses of attractive British people refusing to be happy common to period dramas. But it’s cool seeing some of the 39/40 history on TV, I like the noir aspects around Helen Hunt’s character, and it’s surprisingly brutal for something on PBS.



    I think I watched part of a middle episode while flicking through channels a while back and thought I should watch it. But then never did.

    My wife might be interested in watching it with me as it follows civilians also.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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