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    Does anyone have any recommendations for computer and board wargames covering D-Day and the Battle of Normandy?  By covering I mean the whole campaign, not a tactical game set in that period.



    Whilst I was net surfing found this Tempest, I have not played it but it looks like what you are after.


    I think an other good site for board game information is the board game geek.

    John D Salt

    I’d recommend the old AH “Breakout Normandy” game, the final expression with that publisher of Courtney Allen’s marvellous area movewment family of games. Unfortunately the rules are not the easiest to read (thanks to Don Greenwood, the man who turned Squad Leader into ASL), but there is a magnificent game in there trying to get out. I wrote myself a summary of the main rules in the order you use them in the sequence of play, and this makes play as smooth as you’d like. The original game was published in 1992; I gather L2 did a deluxe version in 2011, I don’t know how that differs.

    Courtney Allen’s area movement system is well-suited to “Hell in a very Small Place”-type battles; it first appeared in “Storm Over Arnhem” (section-size counters), then “Thunder at Cassino” (platoon-size counters), then “Turning Point: Stalingrad (battalion-size counters with some companies). “Breakout Normandy” uses regiment/brigade sized counters, with some battalions. Amazingly, the system works well at all these organisational levels, and always maintains a high degree of tension and player interaction. Don’t expect the rapier-like thrusts of free-wheeling armoured maneouvre; these games are grim slugging matches.

    All the best,


    Norm S

    Firstly, search through the back catalogue of Andy at SecondChance Games (UK), you will find plenty there to inspire you


    and then research the titles at BoardGameGeek  LINK – BGG

    MMP have just released Storm over Normandy (Area movement game rather than hexes).

    Decision games have Cobra (look for the SPI version or the latest magazine version because these are two mappers that cover not only the landings but the breakout (simulating the Falaise Gap).

    GMT’s Normandy ’44 has a very high reputation and is one map

    There is also a monster game by GMT, but I can’t remember the name

    and MMP do another game (very large) called Day of Days.

    There are some very old collectables that you might look outdoor, one is SPI’s Onslaught and another is Normandy by Attactix.


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    I would check out Slytherine’s Battle Academy for the computer. It covers Overlord and the break outs plus other scenarios. As far as I know it is actually based on Advanced Squad Leader: http://www.slitherine.com/games/bbc_ba_pc

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/stormofsteelwargaming

    Blog: http://www.stormofsteelwargaming.com


    Thank you very much for all of the recommendations


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