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    Doit Games

    Hi deephorse,

    Downfall of Empires was the first game of the serie the designer published by himself and because ths following reasons the game was sold out in 1 month for that reason we decided to do a KS together with his new game, Downfall of the Third Reich, which adapts the same mechanics but adapted to the II WW conflict:

    Both games:
    – Are easy to learn, about 4 pages of rules, with we take out the examples, this is quite difficult to find in a I and II WW conflict games

    – Can be played in one sitting: for us this is crucial, as 90% of WG takes at least 2 seasons (or much more)
    – Due to the action and technology system, players should make few actions on every turn, so in one word, they have to make critical decisions each turn, turns are short in time.
    – Allows several players to play, 2-4 in Downfall of Empires and 1-3 in the case of Downfall of the Third Reich. and the game works perfectly at any number of players
    – Suits both kinds of players: newbies and experts, we have received excellent feedbacks form them

    And most important…

    – The historical feeling is very very accurate,

    Regarding the price, there will be several pledges, because there are 2 games and also the option to get the neoprene map for each one but just to give you an idea buying one game will be around €55, as much as you buy as better price.

    I hope this can help you to give an idea about the game, anyway anything you consider please let us know.

    Best regards

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