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Just Jack


Well, it’s been quiet here on the blog the past couple days, but I’ve been slaving away on my Wolverines project. Lots of painting, washing, and flocking over the past three days has seen my complete all the infantry bases (as well as the Soviet heavy mortar platoon and AA gun, which are not self-propelled). I’m also making steady progress on the vehicles, though I noticed I may not have enough of my dark tone wash to do all the vehicles once the painting is completed, so I put in a quick order to The Warstore (went in for a box of the new Battlefront Team Yankee LAV-25s!). Anyway, here’s where we’re at.

The whole mess: assorted hobby implements at top left and top center, a box of my boys’ 54mm plastic army-men at top right, then the project. All the vehicles are at left (olive drab is US, medium green is Soviet), Soviet infantry at right, and US infantry at bottom right.

To see more pics, please check the blog at:

Here you go John!