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    Here we go, my WWII Soviets, ready for battle. Well, not quite, still working on some stuff, but close enough that I figured I’d show what I have done. And it’s kinda crappy showing these, as other people did almost all the work on these, I just added some details, cleaned some things up, or added in the odd figure/stand. The vast majority of this stuff came from a gentleman on TMP who sold his collection at a very reasonable price, which was part of what drove me to make the jump from 10mm into 15mm. You know, one of those, ‘man, that’s such a great deal, how could I pass it up? Sure, I don’t really do 15mm, but damn… Yeah, gotta do it.’ No damned discipline…

    As with most of the rest of the forces I’ve displayed this past week, the Soviets are set up along the lines of a Rapid Fire table of organization, but I’ve (hopefully) built enough flexibility into it that I can do other stuff. One thing is for sure, I need more Soviet riflemen! 😉

    The whole mess, basically built to take me from Barbarossa to Berlin, with vehicles and support at left, infantry at right. Kindly ignore the infantry with snow basing, they’re not quite ready for showtime; work continues, and I’ll post pics of them once they’re completed.

    Here’s my Soviet infantry, basically a three-battalion regiment (the top three rows), plus a Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) battalion (fourth row down, the ones that are based in a lighter brown). Almost all of these were painted by someone else.

    Each battalion has a commander, commissar, anti-tank rifle, 50mm, 82mm, and 120mm mortar, an M1927 76mm infantry gun, a 76.2mm ‘Crash Boom’ dual-purpose gun, a Maxim machine gun, and six rifle stands.

    The Red horde.

    The Soviet commander, as subtle as a smack in the face.

    The infantry gun and MG.

    Red riflemen.

    Some Flying Tanks.

    A 122mm Howitzer.

    Some BT-5s I painted before I figured out the ‘muddy tracks and dry-brush the hell out of’em’ thing.

    The iconic T-34.

    I think I have enough KV-1s now…

    Su-122s are just cool 😉

    To see a whole bunch more photos, please check the blog at:

    So, let me know what you think, and my apologies, a smarter man would have spread these out over a more reasonable amount of time, one or maybe two posts per week, but I’m not a smarter man 😉 I didn’t mean to spam you guys with all this stuff, but I’ve recently completed a lot of this stuff and wanted to get it all out as quickly as possible, and move on to some other stuff.


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    I approve of the T-26s, they’re all you need.

    No Japanese tanks to go against all those Russian armor? Then agian it probably wouldn’t be all that fair for the Russians if they had to go agaisnt Japanese tanks :p

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    T-26s May be all they need, but they’ve certainly got a whole lot more 😉

    And who said the Japanese have no armor?

    I just finished the Japanese, they’re matte spray is currently drying.



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    You need MORE infantry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Avatar photoJust Jack



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