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    Hey guys, a question on weapon firepower.  Certain sections of the book reference a weapon’s firepower.  For example, in mentioning intimidating weapons it says “any weapon that has an unmodified Firepower of 3D or higher is an Intimidating Weapon.”  I assume this means that only a weapon that adds 3D of firepower counts and not say, a medium support weapon which normally throws 3 dice (1 per figure + 2 for being a medium support weapon).  Is this correct? This also comes up when determining if a weapon can destroy buildings.

    Also, I have a question on snipers and firepower.  I would like to make sure that I am determining their firepower correctly.  Let’s say there is a two man sniper team with a heavy sniper rifle; is the firepower really 7 (2D for 2 men + 2D for team + 1D for optimum range +2D for being an AP2 weapon as per page 138)?  If the team is reduced to one man, they will lose the 2D for being a team weapon correct?  Does this mean lone snipers never receive the 2D bonus for being a sniper team?  Does it mean that a lone sniper with a regular sniper rifle will have only a firepower of 2D (1 for 1 man and 1 for being in optimum range)?


    Avatar photoPapasan

    You are correct with your thinking on the weapon firepower, Aiden, its the unmodified 3D or higher of a weapon not that of the user & weapon combined.

    Snipers and such – I’ve usually found weapon teams complex to explain, snipers in particular. A lone sniper – 1 man with rifle, optimum range 2D, no problem.
    Add a spotter and make them a team then numbers start to get a little higher: 2 men with rifle, team bonus, optimum range makes 5D, again no problem.
    Make that a heavy sniper rifle and it makes 7D as you say – so effective as a standard fireteam which is reasonable I guess.
    Personally  I’ve toned mine down a bit by only counting the trigger man, not the spotter who brings the 2D team bonus so operate with 4D or 6D. It’s usually enough !
    Lose a team member, lose the team bonus of course.
    I always count snipers as using  ‘Intimidating Weapons’ regardless of calibre, few things promote fear on a battlefield greater than a sniper.
    Happy hunting ! 😉

    Avatar photomaggico

    For what I understand about the rule, is the unmodified firepower, not the modifier. Then a weapon with AP:3 is intimidating. Remember that some weapons can be Intimidating, as identified by scenario (example: heavy sniper rifle can be intimidating).

    About the second, yes for all.


    Papasan first on the finish line!!

    Avatar photoAidan Geis

    Thank you both for the explanations!  It helps a great deal!


    I have only ever played it as the weapon, not the add modifiers.




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