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    Yes, another set of battle reports making 2 in a week, but this time with an added and rare in-the-field podcast and video telling the story of how a team of 3 (me, Dave from the Podcast and Mike) stormed the beaches of Normandy to visit Bayeux, Le Havre, several seaside gun positions, Pegasus Bridge, Rouen and Dieppe whilst also finding time to fit in a bit of Norman-themed ADLG competition action in between numerous bouts of eating, drinking, discussing former Fulham players of the last decade, and many other regionally appropriate activities.

    The battle reports and tourism photos are all arrayed in widescreem glory on the Madaxeman website, and the accompanying podcast is availabe by searching for the Madaxeman Podcast on your favourite podcast platform – althouugh at times the sound quality gets a smidge sketchy, mainly on account of the fact a number of the individual segments were recorded on my phone in (or outside) various bars and restaurants in the Normandy heartland.

    Marvel at yet more photos of Sherman tanks by the seaside, thrill at 5 battle reports featuring William The Conquerer himself leading a 15mm (mostly Two Dragons) Norman army in tabletop action, and gasp at the sheer number of restaurants at which we chose to take photos of our food !

    (An early Medieval iteration of ChatGPT, pictured here penning the story ready for use by the Bayeux Tapestry embroidery team to convert into linen-based cinematography)

    The Battle Reports can be found here: https://www.madaxeman.com/reports/Normandy_2023_A.php
    The Podcast is available here: https://madaxeman.podbean.com/e/the-normandy-landings/
    The YouTube video of the Podcast (with pictures from the reports) is online here: https://youtu.be/9K8g2X4nMhg

    You can:
    - see more of this rubbish at www.madaxeman.com
    - Listen to the Madaxeman Podcast on any Podcast platform
    - Follow Madaxeman on Twitter @Madaxeman

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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