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    In issue 486 of Miniature Wargames we have a thick selection of articles to sink your teeth into, Irrespective of your interests, you’re bound to find something top please!  There’s rules, scenarios, and scratch builds for the wargaming enthusiast.

    The cover features an Alien Invasion game by Chris Swan. It details the landings The Conquistadors made in the new world as seen from  the perspective of the indigenous population. There’s rules to download (The author’s By Crom! set) plus lots of photography supplied by Wargames Atlantic and Jon Sutherland.

    In Lacewars in Tin the article covers moulding your own 40mm Imagi-nations forces using Prinze August rubber moulds and hot lead and then gaming with them!

    In Dragon Rampant: we present a dragon hunt scenario for your band of trusty adventurers using Dragon Rampant rules.

    In Send Three & Fourpence, Mr Kinch offers a Command and Colours scenario for Peninsular Napoleonic.

    In Command Decision. The Perfect Scenario Jon Sutherland offers advice for creating fun battles.

    In Practical Wargames Scenery  Tony makes over an MDF barn into a real gem!

    Last word is with Matthew Vernall, Editor of our sister magazine TTG


    Have fun!

    John Treadaway


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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